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NOTICE: Measures being taken by Island iNSiGHT to mitigate the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Dear Clients,

I am writing to let you know that you are in my thoughts, to wish you well, and to explain some upcoming changes to my practice given the evolving pandemic circumstances. In particular, I want to update you about the format for therapy sessions going forward.

As a "COVID-19 phase 2" service, I will be reintroducing in-person sessions as of May 19, 2020. Please note: video and phone sessions will remain options, though face to face is always preferable when possible.

We will still take precautions for the foreseeable future, such as no handshaking; wiping down of sitting surfaces; and using a hepa air filter in the office.

Of note, I have a new doorway leading directly into my office (left side when facing house). Parking is on the grass (same side). Please remain in your vehicle until I come out and greet you.

For those who are facing financial hardship, I will also be continuing to offer the option of 25 minute sessions as well as my regular 50 minute ones.

My previous website message still stands...

Covid-19 knows no bias, and though the world has been primarily (and justifiably) focussed on everyone’s physical health, the continued strain of uncertainty, isolation, and a multitude of new stressors will impact everyone’s mental health. If I can offer you one piece of advice, it is this…

It is in and through adversity that we can come to know both the dark and the light within us all. I encourage you during this time of unrest to move towards some purpose that calls you, not just away from those things which you fear. Take care of your immediate needs and those who depend on you. Offer and accept help from others, and where you cannot help, a few words of kindness will surely be appreciated.

This has indeed been a time of change for all of us. I look forward to seeing you in person again if you are comfortable with that format. For those who still desire video or phone sessions please do not hesitate to select that option... we've all faced enough stress from this pandemic and I want you to feel safe. Remember, physical distancing does not have to mean social isolation. I look forward to connecting with you if/when you feel it would be helpful. In the meantime I wish you and your loved ones health, courage, and meaningful relationships during these challenging times.



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Dorion Dellabough, M.Ed. / Registered Clinical Counsellor
Consider such issues as trauma, personal growth, parenting, enhancing committed relationships, altering or ending destructive ones, grief, understanding emotions, behaviour change, spirituality, and so on. What do each of these concerns have in common? Some form of RELATIONSHIP or breach in relationship - to oneself, to others, or to a greater cause.
I believe that it is in the context of relationship that we uncover our past, realize present blind spots, and explore future possibilities.
Therapy can serve many purposes. It can be an opportunity to increase knowledge or skills, expose thinking errors, provide accountability for decisions, seek support when we are overwhelmed, tend to difficult emotions, realize and integrate new perspectives, and heal what hurts. Usually we're trying to make sense of something, but we're stuck! That can change.
I look forward to meeting you.

My Approach

My therapeutic approach is practical and is influenced by your present needs and abilities. I draw from various psychological theories such as: Jungian Psychology, Somatic Transformation, Hakomi, attachment theory, developmental psychology, person centred psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and current neuroscience research.

My Goal

To enter into a genuine relationship with you - to connect, to listen, to understand you as best I can, to support your strengths, and in a respectful manner challenge unhealthy patterns whether they are behaviours, emotions or thoughts. I will do so with kindness and in a space where you feel safe, not judged. I cannot erase your burdens, but I can help you identify them more clearly, face them, and release their hold on your life.

Client Comments

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My husband and I have been so lucky to have found Dorion. His knowledge, compassion, warmth, support and nonjudgmental attitude has helped us in many different ways. He has been a very important figure for us and continues to be. We trust him and we would recommend Dorion to anyone who is seeking someone who can help with their inner growth.


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I suffered from serious trauma for a very long time and I was tired of "managing" my anger, my depression, and my anxiety! Dorion helped me connect with parts of myself I wasn't even aware of, and now I'm not so scared of my emotions. I know I have more work ahead of me, but I really feel safe with the way he works.


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